Culinary Themes for 2021

January - February

Celebrating Creole Roots

Vegan Dish

We begin the new year with hope and enthusiasm. For us at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet sustainability is not a lofty idea but a fundamental and necessary endeavor. Our concept is centered on the food and drink for our guests to reenergize themselves. We believe it is about sharing our delicious modern Creole cooking featuring Chef Elijah’s Caribbean Fortnight Inclusive Dinner, Apsara Chef Rubin’s Beach Front West Indian Tandoori experience, and Chef Frankie’s bespoke Rasta Vegan Cookery class.

Our resorts were created with a mandatory philosophy of environmental consciousness at its heart. Join Executive Chef Valerio and our culinary team in Celebrating our Creole Roots and local St Lucian bounty. We are embracing wellness, seasonality, and mindfulness through traditional practices in growing our own organic Caribbean fruits, tropical fruits, citrus, root vegetables, unique vegetables, salad greens, microgreens, braising greens, herbs, micro herbs, chilies, spices, cacao, vanilla, chocolate, honey, and much more.

We invite you to “Cook like a Lucian” an Emerald Estate Organic experience with a hands-on harvest, sensory tasting and cooking class. You will experience our Creole Roots and Local Produce in each of our resort's restaurants, aiming your attention on Emerald, our New Caribbean Vegan Restaurant.

March – April

Cooking in Paradise

Cooking in Paradise at Jade Mountain

We would like you to find PARADISE with us. Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious, and timeless. It is with this passion we bring you Cooking in Paradise, curated by our James Beard Award winning consulting chef Allen Susser.

Food is fundamental to life, nourishing us in body and soul. The preparation of food strengthens our connection to nature. And the sharing of food immeasurably enriches our sense of community with our neighbors and our guests. Chef Allen Susser & Executive Chef Valerio are devoted to using only the freshest seasonal ingredients that reaches well beyond the recipe but into a dedication to creating food that tastes amazing, local, and delicious.

Cooking in Paradise is a signature event exclusively for guests of Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. You may find paradise looking toward the rare World Heritage Site of the Piton Mountains raising straight out of the Caribbean Sea. Poets, painters, and philosophers such as Milton, Hemmingway, and Pound heralded paradise, now you can experience it for yourself in a series of farm to table lunches, tasting menus, beach burger bash, a bean to bar chocolate tour, hands-on cooking classes, and Rum tastings.

May – June

Spices of the Caribbean

Spices at Jade Mountain

Today tropical cooking is hot; it influences style, and sultry flavors. St Lucia is a mosaic of foods and tropical ingredients that blend both the climate and landscape. Cultural diversity and their exotic spice boxes add intrigue to the many flavors.

We look to spices to capture the flavors of the Caribbean. Specific combinations of herbs, spices, and flavorings characterize St Lucian cuisine. These mixtures are influenced by the food stuffs native to the island, being distinctive to the climate and architecture of the land and sea. By reaching into our spice box, the foods, cooking, and specific dishes become immensely diverse.

The characteristic cooking is mingled with an intriguing aroma and taste that will surely evoke your culinary imagination. There was a time in history that spices where so precious that they were locked away. Let us let loose the wonders of spice together. Join our Culinary team for the culinary excitement of our Caribbean spice workshops, Tandoori cooking classes, Apsara tasting menu, and our Night of ‘21 Spices dinner in the Jade Club as well as our Spiced Rum Mixology afternoon on the beach.

July – August

14th Annual Mango Madness Festival

Mango Madness at Jade Mountain

Mangos play an important role in the Caribbean because the flavor immediately takes you to visions of sand, sea, and lush tropical forests. Join us for our Mad, Mad mango festival and partake in our famous signature 25# Mango Mojitos or our extravagant Night of 1000 Mangos dinner.

There is nothing quite like that first bite of a juicy mango, the sweet rush of flavor that drips down your chin and sometimes, even your elbows. Ranging in size, flavor, and colors like deep purple and neon yellow, the versatile tropical fruit is a well-loved symbol of summer. St Lucian mangoes undergo a ripening process that produces fleshy peach flavors, buttery tartness, and sour, fibrous bites that we do use in several treats and dishes like smoothies, cocktails, salsa, chutney, ice cream, and more.

In the Caribbean, there are over 100 different varieties of mangos alone. Seeing these brightly colored fruit spilling over beach fronts, roadsides, and hilltops we encourage you to join us for our Mango culinary treasure hunt at Nick Troubetzkoy’s Organic Emerald Estate. Some of the other excitement during the summertime festivities include mangos and bikini tasting bash, mango chutney workshop, chefs mango cooking class, or just relax and experience a soothing mango message,

September - October

Chocolate Heritage Festival

Discover Chocolate at Jade Mountain

Chocolate has been grown in the Caribbean for hundreds of years. Join us as we discover the dual history of St Lucia and of chocolate that is woven into its heritage. We celebrate our own handmade Emerald Estate Organic Chocolate these months. You will discover how we harvest exceptional flavor, that three generations of care and local technique have taught us how to grow remarkable quality cacao beans. We are a Bean to Bar single estate boutique chocolate maker.

You will indulge in chocolate croissants for breakfast and our famous Emerald Estate chocolate French toast. In fact, we will tempt you with our Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache treat at the Beach. Be sure to taste our Double Chocolate Chunk Ice cream. Chocolate Martinis are a favorite in Jade Mountain Club before dinner. We are featuring a 5-course exotic savory and sweet all-chocolate dinner menu. Join us to learn the art of chocolate truffle making. Chocolate is known as the food of the gods.

During our Discover Chocolate Months, we are hosting a special sensory chocolate tasting that we match with wonderfully rich wines. We also invite you to a personalized Bean to Bar tour of Emerald Estate which is followed by a chocolate making class in our Jade chocolate Lab. Discover the Alchemy of chocolate as we hand craft small batches of cacao beans, slowly roasted and stone ground. Emerald Estate Chocolate is to savor, but then let the exotic essence carry you to the Caribbean.

November - December

Caribbean Lobster & Champagne Celebration

Lobster & Champagne

Dive into the culinary world of Caribbean lobster. In true Caribbean Style and Flavor Our Lobster and Champagne festival is an amazing blending of tropical tastes and multicultural influences. It is a celebration of aromatic, sweet and tart, piquant and mild flavors. To understand and appreciate it, you must first understand some of their most important food stuffs. St Lucian cuisine uniquely evolved with the borrowing and blending of foods and cooking styles. If you are new to Caribbean cooking, keep in mind that the food is always evolving due to the many cultural influences on the islands: French, English, Africans, East Indians, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and other local populations all converged in the Caribbean and Latin America therefore influencing the cuisines. Fruits and vegetables migrated in and out of the southern hemisphere by way of exploration and trade.

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