Emerald Farm

Emerald Farm

Organic produce for our kitchens and artisanal chocolate making from the bean to the bar

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Guests at Anse Chastanet Resort are able to visit our organic farm Emerald’s located in the Soufriere hills, approximately 20 minutes away from Anse Chastanet. A visit to Emerald Farm can be combined with a tour to the Sulphur Springs and Botanical Gardens which all together will take about 3-4 hours.

Since 2007, Emerald Estate has been growing organic produce - from vegetables, micro greens, salads to fruits, spices, nuts and herbs- for the resort kitchens, under the supervision of consulting chef Allen Susser, taking the farm to table concept to a completely new level.

There are over 1000 cocoa trees providing the cocoa beans used in the resort’s own chocolate production

There also is a myriad of flowers and ornamental plants and an orchid house.

June is the Month of Mango at Anse Chastanet. We use a variety of mangoes from Emerald farm to produce an array of goodies including jams and chutneys. Learn more by watching the video below. Also, check out details of our Mango Madness Festival.

You may also read about our Chocolate Laboratory and see our Chocolate Events Flyer.

Sometimes we have some colorful winged visitors. The elusive and rare Saint Lucia parrot (Amazona versicolor - lovingly referred to as Jacquot on island) can make an appearance on our Emerald farm in the Soufrière hills. Maybe you will catch a snap whilst there.